Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And The Talking Leads To Touching...

Aaahh, it's after lights-out, which means that there's a blanket block on all web sites EVER.  But still internet, for some screwy reason.  SO, I'm just usin' my mail programme to email-post some stuff... let's see if it works this time.

It is so good to be back.  I feel amazing.  Just being back with my friends, doing homework again... even the nasty lights-out policy.  Oh, and the only reason I'm still awake and not comatose from swim team - which was really, really tough today, and my shoulders ache - is that I have no classes - count 'em - tomorrow until after lunch.  Zero.  Despite just having picked up food studies (finally got the O.K. on that... some fool in admin thought I'd have to reschedule my chem class, which I wasn't going to be allowed to do, but it turns out all that changes is math.... though it changes to 8:30.  Shoot me.  Anyway, today was the first day I have written in my new marble-notebook food journal, where I am to record everything I eat if I'm not too ashamed.  It really makes me think about it, too.  Can I really be bothered to get up and find the book?  Do I honestly want to admit that I had milk and cookies for breakfast?  Etc.).  So.  Life is sexy.

Speaking of sexy... I have the Quieter Poster Boys!  I ordered them a while after I got the tip from my maytag model (bottom photo, he's looking fine), and we've shared them.  They are beautiful.  I'll post pictures of them on my walls tomorrow - it's dark now and my roommate, whom, I have concluded, is a mad evil genius scientist, is either sleeping or planning the world's end under her blankets.  And I wouldn't want to disturb either of those things.  

I have also just been introduced to Rilo Kiley, and they are amazing (I guess I'll embed that later, but for now just click, please).  The minute I found them*, I realized that a load of my friends from the National Spelling Bee had been going on about them for ages too... the things I don't notice are always the most important.

I should probably throw you a picture... Sunday was my first night back and everyone was in the gym... I went a little nuts and black-and-white-grainy-low-exposure on you, and I'm sorry.  But here:

What d'you reckon?  Keepers?

More on DC when I finish the video... maybe tomorrow on all my goddamn free time!  Although I should probably work on my lines for the play, instead.  Or, um, a big research paper, or... math?  

Okay, time to call it good.  I'm getting eight hours tonight.  Good night, my darlings!  

Oh, and how about that State of the Union address!?  Starting this year, no American will be forbidden from serving the country they love because of who they love.  Fantastic.

*Okay, the minute my friend down the hall came into my room during structured study with a list of songs for me to look up.  Thanks, Emma!

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