Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Have I Talked About This Already?

I'm sorry, Death Cab.  I tried to love you.  I tried long and hard.  And you're nice.  You're nice for background music, to set a happy romcom kissing montage to, or to hear coming out of someone else's dormroom.  But all the hype you get?  I don't understand.  So sorry. 

So.  'bout that play.  Well.  Saturday night, our Dr Chasuble fell ill, so the director (who's a student here, thank god) filled in for him, and it all went down pretty well.  My mother came up and we had breakfast together the next day (though I wasn't fully conscious, having "slept" over with three other girls and stayed up doing the things that teenage girls are expected to do when they're together and exhausted and unhappy and excited. 

The night before that was the volleyball tournament.  We did terribly, of course, and I spent most of the time I wasn't playing listening to the Chili Peppers (there's a band I loved without trying), eating cookies from the seemingly inexhaustible supply that the coach brought - they can't have helped our game much - and eying up the other teams. 

Um...so, I've been really sick.  Again.  Like, more.  But I'm better now!  I think.  But there are just three more days of school before a long weekend, and I'm going home.  And the past two days, my math teacher's been sick.  Sleeping in is great.  And my English teacher's in China doing some sort of promo for the school, so classes are fairly laid back right now.  I'm passing chem.  I'm sleeping about eight hours a night and two per day. 

That's all, I'm being distracted.