Monday, May 2, 2011

I Feel Like I'd Be Happy If I Could Just Have An Oozing Chocolate Chip Cookie With This Milk

Somebody turned on the sunset.

It's nearly summer.  I'm sunburned, the grass is dead but dry enough to sit on, and I'm almost happy.  Messy and unfocused is good.  Dates are good.  Hairbrushes, painkillers and cold showers aren't.  Globalization is a stupid thing to try to write a final paper about.  Winter is a dead thing.  Butter isn't enough.  Spelling is stupid, but it obsesses me.  My phone number is a mystery.  My hair is a tangle.  My shoes are lost and my mind's in the gutter with the rest of me, I like it there.  Rilo Kiley won't leave my skull quiet.  I need to eat something, and my fingers are sticky.  Yeah, we'll all be portions for foxes. 

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