Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Essential Beginning Phrases

Merhaba, guys. Post number two, and I'm getting better at this. I've added a poll and a couple ads for the amazing web charity, where I'm a lender because it's cool. It's a güzel day in Maine, just gorgeous and extremely hot and humid. Math class was outside, and I mostly talked to my teacher about Turkey while I should have been studying for the final. My Turkish phrasebook (it's Lonely Planet, in case you're weird and want to get one after my stunning description of all the funny/dirty parts in it) has a chapter called Social and a subsection that's labeled romance. I was reading this in English class, and very nearly gave myself away. This was because of how loudly I was snorting at the expressions the well-meaning staff at Lo-Plan predict I will find myself wishing to employ during my sojourn in the ex-Ottoman Empire. So, children, here are the phrases we'll be learning today in Türkçe:

Would you like a drink? Bir içki ister misiniz?
You have beautiful eyes. Ne kadar güzel gözleriniz var.
Do you want a massage? Sana masaj yapmamı ister misin?
Can I kiss you? Seni öpebilir miyim? (similarly, kiss me is öp beni)
I love you. Seni Seviyorum

Yeah... It gets way dirtier, but I'll get to those ones in my next post. Anyway, I was remarking upon abovementioned phrasebook to my friends as we sat on the grass pretending to practice solving functions or whatever (actually, I really, really like math. It makes me feel good, but it's hard on a day when all you want is a bathtub full of ice cubes and lemon slices) and I mentioned all the contraceptive phrases that this book has to my fellow strugglers-with-the quadratic formula. Somebody came up with a very good one : Get away from me, creep! I couldn't find that in the book, but piss off is defol! and leave me alone is Git başımdan. Never know, could be useful.

I'm listening to the tracks I took off the Turkish guy's iPod at the AFS orientation last weekend. He has some great Turkish music, mixed in with a lot of Black Eyed Peas. I'm sticking to the stuff I can't understand....yet!



Mimi B said...

Can I kiss you? Seni öpebilir miyim?
^hey good thing they taught you that cuz i'm preeeetty sure you're gonna need to know it :p :p :p

Azeezat said...

Okay, I definitely need to buy that Lonely Planet book.

One month from now, we'll be THERE!

Imogen Leah said...

Yes you DO.