Monday, June 7, 2010

Tekrar, Lütfen

Oh, see that? I can come up with those just as well as you, Lonely Planet! Tekrar, Lütfen = 'again, please'. Actually, I'm only planning to use that for asking people to repeat themselves (promise), but it does occur to me that there are less innocent uses for the term. And! It's! Only! 16 days until I leave! I am starting to have dreams about Turkiye. The food... I have to just get through finals week, and then I am going to start packing, and finally order a camera to take with me, and buy gifts for my family (about whom I still know absolutely nothing about! And I've heard that the NSLI-Y participants learning Arabic have all that information already! There is no justice). I'll also try to have a little party to say goodbye to my friends... I'll miss them. I think I'll have an amazing time in Turkiye, but I will miss Maine. I'm also going away for the most perfect part of the summer here, where I've spent every summer of my life.

Anyway, the point of the title is that, once again, I have forgotten to bring my phrasebook to school meaning that I can neither
a) study (forcing me to write these looong blog posts, you see!)
b) post the rest of those romance phrases I promised you. But don't worry, I will. And if I don't, OFF, just for you.

I have finals in Maths, Art, Social Studies (there was no midterm in that class, so his final is worth 20% of the year grade and everyone's panicking), Science and French. So, after that school will be over! and I get to focus completely on getting on with the RosettaStone, and life will be good. Right now, life is horrid. I hate the stress of finals, and I hate that freshman have to take them even if they have ninety per cent in their classes. I wish the magnet school I've applied to would just get back to me and with a congratulations/nice try, ditz letter, and that none of my friends were going away to college*, and that I could stop reading webcomics both cheap and fascinating.

On a better note, the thunderstorms I listened to, enthralled, all weekend are over and it's being vaguely sunny, like Maine knows it can never measure up to blazing Turkiye, but wants to prove that it's willing to Give Sun a Chance.

So, I had an okayish weekend. Tell me about yours in the comments, and I'll post some hilarious anachronisms and misunderstandings of World history for you next time. Oh, and that...yeah...other stuff I fail at getting to.

Iyi günler

*Possibly, wanting to change schools and simultaneously wishing nobody else would is what they call hypocrisy. Screw them.


Anonymous said...

how many years have you lived in london ?

Imogen Leah said...

I lived there 9 years.