Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aaah.  So, my last post didn't post.  Whatever, I'm in Istanbul!  Can't write much as I'm borrowing a laptop, but I've taken millions of lovely pictures for you to see soon!  Tomorrow I go to Ankara and meet my family, which I just can't wait for.  The orientations in NYC and here were both good overall.  The flight was delayed today because a co-pilot didn't show up, and took about 9 hours once we lifted off... 7 hours time difference, jetlagged out of my head but so happy.  I sat next to a turkish guy going home to do his 3 weeks' mandatory army service, and he helped me with some conjugation, grammar and vocabulary.  It's beautiful here, and I got in a little trouble with the supervidors for wandering off with a cool fellow NSLI-Y-er from Texas and chatting to the locals.  Our turkish is growing, and they all know a little english here.  As long as you smile and say 'good evening' a whole lot, they seem to really love you.  And I love this.  I will write in huge detail as soon as I possibly can, but for now, iyi geceler! 

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