Thursday, June 17, 2010

News and non-News

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Selam, guys. Sorry it's taken so long to post. I meant to last night, but I was at a friend's house and his in internet wasn't working - probably because of the gorgeous killer rainstorm we had last night. Anyway, News! Last night my mother and sister has a massive fight over leggings or something, and I decided to escape and go for a walk with this friend. My new camera has come - it's a Lumix GF1, and the most beautiful, compact machine I've ever met - and we spent a little while trying to work out how it works. Yeah, yeah, look in the manual I KNOW. But how much fun is that? Another nice guy from school gave me a video-chat tutorial on how to set it up, slide in the memory card, etc, but I haven't quite worked out the video factor yet. But still! I hope to be posting pictures and videos really, really soon.

Anyway, we decided to watch a film at my friend's house in the evening, and before going over I went home to gather some stuff up and confirm some other movie plans for tonight (my social life is just explosive, I know...not), and I decided to check my AFS account, because, well, I have been obsessively checking my AFS account for a week now, to see if my host family information is up yet. Loads of people on the Turkiye Summer facebook group seem to be hearing before me.
They're all "I'm in İstanbul with a daughter my age and a three-year-old!" "Ooh, I'm in İstanbul, too! Their son is 20!" Well, I seem to be the only one so far who's going to ..... (cue Ode To Joy).....

Ankara! My family consists of a mother, father, a daughter who's about twelve years old, a bird, some fish and an engineer. Well, okay, maybe the engineer is one of the parents, but you'd never know it from the ridiculous way the web site is laid out. Anyway, I'm really excited... last night I kept dreaming about it. I don't know if they speak much English, and kind of hope they don't. But that's the current news. I leave in less than a week now!! I have to go babysit (9-12am every morning for a week, it's been....need spending money for Turkiye) now, but I'll post soon with pictures.
Güle güle!

P.S. have you noticed the little vocabulary bar that's on the side of this page now? Do you think it's all too cluttered? I must admit I'm rather fond of the fish at the bottom...


Kimberly Hernandez said...

hehehe i'm the one with the family with th 20 year old brother :) hahaha

I saw your status on them erasing your host family info, who knows, maybe they realized you're in nsliy and need to be Istanbul with the rest of us? who knows? :)
I'm so excited and cute blog!! Can't wait to meet you in New York!

Imogen Leah said...

Ah, they actually have put the family info back up, I just saw. It must have been a weird glitch they fixed when they got the email or something.... yeah, see you SO SOON!