Friday, June 18, 2010

Some More Pictures

So, evet. More photos. I don't know anything about editing, I'm really just messing about, but it's so much fun! Observe original chintzy --> overexposed trippy flower arrangement. I really want to get into food photography, too. I think my camera has settings for it, but I ought to just get good at making things look right. There's a massive number of excellent food photos at SmittenKitchen, if anybody's interested.

I'll soon show you the amazing sharpness that the Lumix manages by giving you a couple cropped shots, along with their originals. The focus is so perfect, despite the fact that the cropped ones are magnified a million times over...a shot of somebody's hand, taken from a photo of a whole kitchen, and there's no discernible difference in quality. I guess that's what 12.1 megapixels get you. I just have to get the permission of the friends in the photos...

But for now, here's something which is, in my totally unqualified opinion, a lovely piece of food photography. I didn't take it, but I made the cake.

One point that's actually related to the theme of this blog (though, really, who am I fooling?): I had my host family, as you know, and I was really excited. But I've checked my AFS account again, and they seem to have taken the info down. I don't know if this is a mistake, or means that I'm not with that family any longer, so I've sent an email to the NSLI-Y people. I'll let you know what goes down.


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