Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Sad Excuse For A Post

Yeah, I know.  It's-been-a-week, what's-Leah-doing-that's-so-important-she-can't-write-three-paragraphs-some-evening, lazy-bitch-blogger, etc.  Not going to talk about how busy I've been, or the weird stuff that's happening, or how I'm still putting off paying that photo money.  But I am going to talk about my new baby.  The one that arrived on Tuesday.  This one. 

We're still getting to know one another, but I have never met a more charming piece of equipment in my life.  It's very gossipy, but so smooth and agreeable that I forgive its intrusiveness in a minute.  It makes me feel... oh, I don't know, besides powerful.  But that's not all.  It makes me feel desirable and sexy and totally wonderful.  Which is shallow and ridiculous.  And it's not as if anyone likes me better for it - it's not that kind of thing.  Okay, I'm going to change the topic now because nobody gets this. 

So, Armistice Day.  We didn't even get a holiday - living at school has its downsides.  Also, no snow days.  Goddamn dorm life.  Oh, well.  So, yeah, cool.  I still really like my new url, but my family has found it, so that's awkward.  I'll be fabricating a few things in the future here.  But you'll be able to tell.

Ah, so much homework!  I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.  Giant chemistry test yesterday that I felt ready for, which probably means I wasn't, and the girl who lives next door has this alarm clock that goes off at three in the afternoon and doesn't stop until she shuts it off after dinner.  Drives me nuts.  Also, they've closed the school kitchen temporarily because people were making such a mess in there.  I'm not saying I wasn't contributing, but I've ended cleaning up a lot of other people's cake projects.  But something nice happened yesterday, I suppose - My group got an A on our math major, and there's a fun one due soon.  I have to research mathematics in African history and culture.  So, perhaps I'll scrape a B in maths this semester.

I'm doing a lot of lying around listening to music, actually.  Yesterday was all Norah Jones in my room, and I swear the world's babies stopped crying as a result.  That woman is magic

I feel like I haven't really got much to report, which is entirely untrue.  There was a medieval feast/murder mystery this weekend, put on by the Brit Lit class, and that was immense fun.  I feel like the teacher had too much fun assigning me my character and seat, but I suppose that's what happens when you live at school - everyone gets to know you rather too well.  God, by my third year here I shall be unbelievably bitter. 

But this weekend is Youth In Government.  I'll keep you posted on that and get you some best-dressed delegate photos!

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