Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blue Train

Last night I was tired.  And sick and headachy.  I was resolved to come back from structured study (7-9 pm, Sunday through Thursday) and singlemindedly, unswervingly, invincibly finish my work and go to bed.  As I was on my way to my room to execute this magnificent display of efficiency, someone asked me to play ultimate frisbee.  My feeble, math-drenched little mind thought "Ultimate Frisbee = Fun" and tacked on "Me Sleeping Better From Utter Exhaustion • Guys With No Shirts On = Good" and made my mouth say "Sure, just let me get changed."  After that I spent the remaining hour before lights-out crying in the shower because I felt physically inferior and failing completely to do math homework that was due at ten this morning.  These two things should have been a clue that something was wrong.

 Today I got up.  I ate breakfast.  I sat outside the chemistry classroom and did chemistry homework in the absence of the necessary chemistry teacher.  I came back to the dorm.  I talked to the nurse.  I went back to bed.

Three hours later, I'm up and still feeling sick.  My teeth ache at their roots, and that's how I can always tell I'm not well.  I've been getting chills on and off for a week, and just decided it would help my midterms more if I finally shook them off than if I went to class and learned things.  In the hours I slept (incredibly soundly, considering the brightness of the snow outside, the lack of curtains, my roommate and my phone), I dreamed that my parents had come to take me away from school, that I wasn't packed, was trying to find my neon pink converse - which seem to have disappeared in reality, too - in a mountain of shampoo bottles, had a secret impromptu sleepover with some of my girlfriends here... in a teacher's attic... and slept staring at a ceiling painted with fishes and ropes and seaweed.  Perhaps I need to go back home to the beach.  It also started snowing again while I slept.  I adore the snow here - it's O.C.D and just can't stop.  Look:

I took these out of my window and from one of the lounges on my wing (love, love, love my stalker lens).  Let's compare them to this, which is how the school looked the first week.  That was August:

Just a little scary.

I've also sworn off facebook until after the math final, which is December 17th.  This means that, idiotically, I'll probably be blogging quite a lot.  Now I've got two hours until English, which I probably won't go to, but I should hand in a draft of my final essay.  I'm pretty much done with Huck Finn.  It was nice while it lasted, but now I've broken up with that book and I don't want to write a paper about why.  Or about how religion is satirized in the first twenty pages or so.  Never mind.  Oh, gosh, I'm hungry. 

But, hey, in case this whatever-the-hell-it-really-is bug or the final exams do kill me and you have
nothing       to      read, let me direct you over HERE, to the new, far superior and less egocentric blog of a dear friend of mine from the Scripps National Spelling Bee.  Enjoy it and marvel at the fact that there are people out there like that, who are actually willing to share their "awesomeness" with you and me through this silly little screen and keyboard.

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