Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Well, it's that sort of time again where I start talking about languages.  I sent in my application for NSLI-Y summer a month or two ago, this time indicating preference: Farsi (Persian), then Arabic, then Hindi.  And today I got an email letting me know that I'm a semifinalist!  This basically means they liked my application enough to interview me and check if I'm a total psycho!  I started this post hours ago and have since been to a birthday party, gone for a walk, been hunted down by my mother for staying out too long in the dark (I did tell her where I was going) and threatened with... I'm not sure... house arrest?  They can't very well keep me from walking to the beach, can they?  Anyway, I'm just praying that this snow in London goes away before I'm meant to fly - the 29th.  Honestly... whenever I try to go to England, there's some natural disaster that freezes Heathrow.  Last time it was that volcano and I was almost stuck there, while my cousin was trapped in Spain - actually, I was over there when I found out I'd gotten into the Turkish summer programme.  I feel a bit like this:

Chet Baker.  Just a dream.