Friday, January 7, 2011

You're My Best Friend, But Then You Died, When I was 23 And You Were 25

Proper update coming soon, but my cousin and I were browsing the backlogs of the BBC's predictions for the Next Big Things on the British music scene.  Some of them were right on - Adele, anyone? - and some we'd never even heard of but spent hours looking up because we are geeks.  These guys have me on my knees.  Their videos, their whole look is so vulnerable-'50s-drive in-drive by-skinny-gorgeous, the singer looks like Chet Baker, and their sound is really cool.  I give you The Drums.

The dancing in this one is just adorable.  So effectively awkward.  And what a a great stylist... look at the singer's paperbagged trousers!  And the saddle shoes behind him!

And this one... the grainy video style had me at 'hello'.  I want to be a critic, dammit!

SO, I'm nearly done packing to go back to the States on Sunday.  D.C., baby, here I come.  I'm dragging my feet over the lines I have to memorize for The Importance Of Being Ernest, but whatever, I'll do them on the plane.  Last night I went back to the neighbourhood I used to live in and saw a friend and his family.  The evening really couldn't have lasted long enough... they just don't make boys like that in America.  In a few minutes I'll go to synagogue with my family, then Friday night dinner at my grandmother's.  Tomorrow is Oxford, and then it's goodbye, England, maybe for a whole year.  But, on to merrier things, if only slightly: while we're looking at gorgeous skinny boys, click HERE for Bret Lloyd's The Quieter Poster Boys, a gorgeous bit of photography.  The tip came from my maytag model

I've done a nice bit of shopping while here, too.  I'll show you everything soon, but other than the shoes there's been a dress, some respectable trousers because I realized I'm going to be working in the Library of Congress and can't really show up in stained corduroys OR miniminiskirts, and some rather exciting leggings (think me: think polka dots).  And HAHA!  It all fits in my bag because I've distributed all of my granola!  Yes!

(It's LinkSlut Friday)

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Tights Lover said...

I hadn't heard of the Drums until now, but I really like their sound! I always love digging deeper for bands that aren't getting as much attention when I have the time. That's usually when I find my favorite music.

I hope all goes well on the return trip to DC. Working at the library of congress must be very interesting...even though the polka dot leggings are, sadly, frowned upon!