Monday, February 21, 2011

All I Want This Year is Something to Regret When I Am Older

Well.  I hate the Wizard of Oz, but I'd absolutely forgotten how cute Judy Garland was and how sweetly they dressed her in that film.  Okay, so this is a test.  I think it's possible to show you my lookbook stuff from this blog.  We'll see. 

It's really nice to be home.  I've seen my friends, eaten some truly magnificent food and watched Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, Billy Elliot and Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil.  I call that productive, don't you?  All magnificent films.  It's bitterly cold and windy here, so I've been staying in, and when I'm not with friends I'm writing songs or gearing up to do bits and pieces of homework.  On Thursday, my mother end I are going to a lecture at Colby college.  It's one of the three really good schools in Maine, and I would absolutely look at it seriously if it weren't so close to home.  But my parents are panicking a little bit about university for me.  The school I'm at, we all do pretty damn well in the national standardized tests.  But the classes are graded so hard that our transcripts don't match up, and so it's harder for us to get into top-tier schools, a lot of people say, than it should be.  Some of the seniors I'm friends with have gotten into all sorts of great places, but some haven't at all, and it is quite worrisome.  SO, my pushy Jewish mother wants me to practice visiting colleges.  I'm not much inclined to think about college at this point, let alone apply to any - I'm in tenth grade, for Christ's sake! - but I suppose it's sensible.  But, my god, you should see the emails I'm getting daily, the stack of promo mail I that was on my desk when I got home.  This whole process... they whore around to get you interested, you whore right back to get yourself in.  It's disgusting, and it makes me want to throw my chem books away, take sitar lessons and major in painting or dance. 

I also went to the dentist today.  I hate that fluoride stuff. 

I've started Great Expectations for English class.  I didn't think I liked Dickens at all, but this seems really great - it's funny, in a very English sort of way, and clever, and I care about Pip.  So, good first twenty pages. 

Oh.  And.  I have discovered eBay.  I mean, how to use it.  And I am just praying, praying that it's blocked at school, because I do NOT need to be spending this kind of money. 

So.  Lamb curry for dinner, then I'm watching the baby, but that's okay because the internet doesn't turn itself off at 11:00 p.m. here!!!

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