Saturday, March 5, 2011

"And I Believe, California Succumbed To The Fault Line"

It's been a while since I wrote a proper post, hasn't it?  For a long time it's been pictures or copies or videos... I've not been sick or without internet - it's more that I've been neglecting blogspot for more glamourous sites.  I'm quite ashamed, but my life hasn't been all that interesting.  There was break, which was fantastically indulgent.  I finished Torchwood: Children of Earth, ate lots, and generally decompressed.  But then came this week.  I cannot make this clear enough to you, though I understand that bitching online is not generally a cool/fun/clever thing to do.  This week was *censored*.  This week was so *censored*ing awful I contemplated, among other things, going to sleep behind a shelf in the library and getting myself locked in for the night just to spite the world, a career in spontaneously crying in chemistry class and study hall, and, by Friday, religion.  Yeah, I was pretty desperate by the time this weekend rolled around.  I just... sort of woke up nervous on Monday morning, and spent the rest of the week in varying states of distress ranging from exhausted irritation to legitimate (well, perhaps not legitimate, but very real), if irrational, fear that I was dying.  And there were some people I just had to avoid because they made me so angry and terrified.


There is a Very Good Thing I want to talk about.

This Thing is called The King Is Dead, and it is the new Decemberists album (it just occurred to me that their web site looks a whole lot like Elvis Costello's), which I listened to thoroughly on Grooveshark, purchesed all legal-like, and have continued to listen to exhaustively.  I am listening to it now.  This, to me, demonstrates that it is good music and I'm not just using it to feel like a rebel by not-paying-for-it.  Know how much I like it?  Or.... know how bored I got one day during break when certain people had decided to go to New York City without me and I was in a house with a cat and a father, neither of whom wanted to harmonize on ukulele songs with me?  I filmed the snow.  Just sat my camera on the windowsill and filmed it falling.  And then!  I had even more time (in which I was not going to study chemistry - yes, I regretted it, but yes, it was worth it) so I set this very boring footage to a song from this newly-purchased Decemberists album, and the result is this thing.  I hope that you will watch it, or, more to the point, listen to it, and then buy the album

(I am not in the employ of the Decemberists, their producers or anybody involved in the folk-rock industry.  Just so you know.  But I've been converting people to this band all week with these songs.)

The play is in two weeks!  Jesus Christ, help!  Importance of Being Ernest on March the 19th, if you happen to be kicking around Northern Aroostook County, and I've got my lines basically down, but we've still got a lot of work to do.  We're having an accent workshop tomorrow, featuring Me, resident British Girl, as frustrated teacher.  Should be fun.

Oh, and I've joined the volleyball team.  I hadn't really played before, but I really like it, though we've all got stinging bruises on our arms from bumping for hours on end.  I even went to an optional practice today.  Me.  I like sitting still, people, I work my fingers hard typing and that's enough, but I legitimately enjoy this stuff.  I serve terribly, but there's time for all that.  So.  FUN. 

I've been taking a lot of peoples' yearbook photos.  That's fun.  But they all think that editing a photo is some sort of arcane art, when what I do is so basic, and I've never been good at taking compliments and when I try to convince people that I honestly don't deserve praise for adjusting the exposure on a photo and blurring out a few blemishes, it gets really awkward.

Okay, I'm riffing now, so I think I'll just quite while I'm ahead... if I ever was.  I'm still sort of moody, haven't shaken off the nerves completely, and, scariest for me, I haven't got much appetite.  So.  Goodbye, my darlings, and please be happy and apologize to somebody you've been evil to.  It feels so much better afterward.

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