Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I Am Not A Fashion Blogger. I am Not a Fashion Blogger. I Am Not A...

But I have figured out The Secret.  Yes, that one.  The one on which the only-recently-fallen empire waist...well, empire... was founded, and that only fell because people got sick of looking semi-pregnant.  And now, two years behind everyone else who's ever worn clothing made of something more sophisticated than fig leaves, I know this secret: High waists.  They make your tits look bigger.

Now, I actually found this out by accident this morning while I was getting dressed.  I had put on a a longish skirt, whose hem I wanted to raise so that my new skeleton socks were a little more visible (do I actually think like this?).  And, just as an experiment, the kind you'd never try out unless you were all alone with the mirror  your roommate was very fast asleep, I sort of...pulled it up.  And.... well, I belted it.  And bang!  Where did you come from?  I don't know what kind of optical-perspective-illusion-THING this is, but I shall definitely treat it with care in the future.  I feel like there's a reason I didn't get the memo about this when it first started happening...no matter.  I don't like to be in current style anyway.  So, yeah, I kind of loved what I wore today - so much that I didn't even change it between classes.  Crazy.

 (Credit for these two goes to my neighbour again)

But this post was actually meant to be ALL about my legs.  I know, right?  I always thought of myself as a semi-serious writer... but I get too excited about tights to let these past you.  So, maybe not my legs, but the way I present them to the world...or some other pretentious bullshit like that.  I like clothes, so get over it and then I'll talk politics with you.  It doesn't make me a ditz.  I adore tights and an early birthday present I ordered myself from Sock Dreams (I couldn't think of another excuse) arrived yesterday.  There's difinitely a theme to what was in the package, but I plan to wear these all year:

The photos of the stripey tights and the spiderweb fishnets are from the SockDreams web site...haven't worn them yet but I can't wait.  But I took these:

I think they're my new favourites.  They come to just above my knees, but I'm quite tall.  These all shipped for free, by the way.  So go get some.  I was everyone's favourite Leah today at school (I really hope I did okay on that math test....and there's a chemistry exam tomorrow!  Eeek!) and had loads of fun - several people sort of looked at me like I had three heads when I told them I ordered socks online.

 Not a great day for food - dinner was pretzels and goats' cheese, but I've got a Plan.  It involves pancetta.  I will keep you posted.  And I've got some other news that I don't have time to go into right now - they're about to switch off the internet - so don't let me forget to tell you what I'm official photographer for.

Good night!

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