Monday, December 6, 2010

Feelin' The Same Way All Over Again

I feel like a real mess.  But today I'm very glad that I use blogspot.  Please, Tumblr, get off your knees so I can read!  Loads of people are sick here, and I feel awful, too.  Why must we be so ill here, so often?  When I woke up this morning it was snowing, wet and heavy, and about half the teachers didn't make it in today.  So it's a semi-snow day, I suppose... I'm a bit jealous of all my friends at home, though.  They're so far south!  Why do they get a cancellation while I still have to sit through technology class?  Ugh.

On Friday night, the chemistry teacher used alkali metals (or something) to light this enormous bonfire in a field by the school.  It was dark and cold and a lot of people got sick of standing in the rain, but I stayed out there a long time.  It was rather magnificent, and the local fire department kept getting calls because of the light and smoke and explosions.  I went out the next morning around ten, and it was still burning.  I stayed for nearly an hour taking pictures, and when I came in one of my friends felt my hands and looked at me like the idiot I was for forgetting to wear gloves. 

And, my god, can we all just take a moment and be grateful and retrospectively terrified and incredibly relieved that we live in a (mostly) post-Roe vs. Wade society?  Can we just be glad of that?  In a lot of states, including the one I live in, you need parental consent to get an abortion before you're 18.  But you can get one.  And you can get condoms.  And birth control.  And plan-B pills.  And abortions.  One of my favourite Supreme Court cases is Griswold vs. Connecticut.

Okay, that was a ramble.  My grades are slipping.  I posted about that earlier, but then deleted it.  I'll redo it, just scroll up.  But I'm pretty sure I failed my last chem test as well, though I was sure I understood it, and I got a C- on the rough draft of my final essay.  It's evening now and I'm feeling horribly cold and sick.  And there is So Much To Do.  But enjoy the pictures.  I'll be memorizing the charges and solubility of ionic compounds.

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