Tuesday, February 8, 2011

If I Never Loved I Never Would Have Cried

I made you a video, because I was locked in a tower by a fire-breathing dragon.  So you can listen to my accent being totally incongruous with Simon&Garfunkel songs, and laugh.

This is a hell chunk of school.  Only two more weeks, then it's back home, thank goodness.  But we've all been sick.  Horribly sick.  Today (probably yesterday by the time I get to posting this - damn internet curfew) my friend and I were both feeling really ill and sorethroatish, she more than me (grammar?) and the nurse wasn't in so we had to go to the dean of students.  This man is fundamentally miserable, hates teenagers and, I'm fairly sure, resents us like hell because we aren't vibe-sucking stick insects.  I feel okay about venting here, because I'm fairly sure he doesn't know how to read a blog, but if you are reading this, sir, please know that I think your behaviour toward us today has bee immensely unfair and unkind, and does you as little professional credit as it does human.  You may be a good person, but you're not a nice one.  He didn't let anybody off classes at all - and he knows we're not slackers and that we're aware that being sick makes us fall behind.  We don't want to have to take the day off - yet treats us like criminals.  He makes me feel like a really deplorable person when he's around.
Anyway, I don't want to bitch at you about it, but that's just not cool.

Ohhh, and it's tomorrow now....

So, let me know what you think.  I have to go take some horrible school-wide standardized maths test now, but I promise I'll do some proper writing for you later today - I've got a study hall.

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