Thursday, May 5, 2011

AP Composition Is Sucking My Soul Out Through My Fingers.

The test is next Wednesday... I'm wavering between not caring at all and panicking.  That's sort of how I'm going about school at the moment, too, actually.

I've signed up for classes next year, and paid my deposit.  It's looking okay.  Hopefully, no classes before 9:30 or after 3:30.  In no particular order, in case you give a damn:

BCAB (some absurd initialization for the easier pre-calculus course)

AP United States History (reputed to be hell, but the teacher's great)

AP Biology (we'll see...)

Lit. Theory

Chinese I

Some Sort Of Outdoor Woodsy Rock-Climbing Fitness Thing

I'm really excited about Lit Theory.  I was signed up to take American Lit, because I'll be a junior next year and all the really great classes  - Brit Lit, Lit Theory and AP Lit - are senior classes, but I was finalizing all this with my advisor this morning, and she decided to run into the next classroom, grab the Lit Theory teacher and check.  She asked me if I was interested in philosophy, if I could handle the
workload, and if she was likely to get an angry letter from my parents when she taught something about female genital symbolism.  And then I had the all-clear, in the space of five minutes.  Next year looks bearable now.  Life's okay. 

I've passed in my annotated bibliography and outline for my final Comp paper, decided on a topic for my food studies paper - how food divides us culturally, from kosher law to self-righteous veganism - and I'm getting help in math and chem, though they can't really cure me of not caring.  Three.  More.  Weeks.  And we're done.  For three months.  And China can go screw itself, I'll have fun this summer. 

I'm having dreams about Washington, D.C.

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