Saturday, June 25, 2011

I (heart) NY

Well!  New York has passed gay marriage.  Happy Friday, everyone.  This is so utterly fantastic.  To celebrate, I am going to make a tumblr.  That link is for all you people who are so committed to blogspot (all 11 of you) that you don't even KNOW what tumblr is.  But no longer.  This is your introduction.

So.  A lot has changed in the almost two months since I've posted... sorry about that.  It started with good intentions.  See, there was this math final.  And two weeks before it, I kind of quit recreational internet.  I took the math final, which was very important to me.  In that, if I failed the final, I would fail the course.  And so I quit the internets.  The fun, cool, sexy bits, anyway.  And then I took the final, passed the final very well and the course with a C+ (yes, I'm HAPPY) and unquit the net.  Except I forgot about this part of my responsibilities to humanity.  Sorry about that.  I was in Colorado for a bit (pictures when I have a better connection) and my family's moving, so, um, yeah... 

I have a job!  I work five hours a week for $7.94 an hour at the local library.  Yeah.  Feeling good about that.  It's actually really fun, and I'm learning a lot.  I took out a book yesterday about flappers and the sexual revolution in America, and I learned that in 25 years of legal prostitution in Nevada, there has not been one single case of HIV, making it the safest sex industry on this silly planet.  I've also been taking out a lot of DVDs, because it's summer, and I and a friend staying with me have watched, among less-good others, Pulp Fiction, Slumdog Millionaire, Brüno (I died), Speed and two episodes of Sherlock (I can forgive it for crowding out Dr. Who, it's that good).  It's not like being in China - not that I'd KNOW, would I? - but it's all right. 

Oh, and that post underneath this one from a hundred years ago.  It's not true any more.  The schedule.  See, I'm now taking Physics and American literature.  Why, you ask?  Oh, well, have I mentioned the page program I'd applied to?  Yes?  Well.  I sort of got in.  That means I'll be spending the second semester of my junior (next) year of high school in Washington, D.C. working on the United States Senate Floor.  I'm extremely excited about this, but the Page School doesn't have bio, and I took chem this (last?) year (NEVER AGAIN), so physics it is.  God, help me.  So, I'll need to spend half a year in sensible shoes and gray skirts.  KILL ME.  I am going to get the craziest underwear imaginable.  And I've gotten myself new glasses, really big silly purple ones.  I'm having fun with them, though it's a new prescription (this baby's legally blind, darlings) and I had some... moments today as I tried to do things like climb stairs and reach for teapots.  Anyway.  See?

Oh!  And I'm going to Israel with my family and my cousin (redundant?  But excited!) in January!  Very excited, never been before, and while I am NOT a blindly pro-Israel pro-Netanyahu jew (this apparently makes me anti-semitic in some circles), I am extremely happy that this plan is going through, and I'm going to brush up my Hebrew.  no, really.  I think I'll take an online course in the time I'll have from turning down another minimum wage job at a local inn.  This is a very disorganized post, can you tell how much I've slept of late? 

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